Thursday, 24 November 2016

Two days in the garden

It's that time of year when days with LP get planned, and then cancelled as the weather decides otherwise.  Fortunately, this week was not one of those times and in two very cold but bright and sunny days we finally managed to "tick a few more things off the list".

Sadly, the willow fedge has outgrown its usefulness.  On the upside, it was fun, easy to plant and something I have always wanted to try. On the downside, it grew a least four metres every summer and was becoming a nightmare to control.  Took LP all of Wednesday to dig it out, but the fedge is no more:

On Thursday LP made one final pass down the lane and cleared up more leaves for us, and then set to on a section of footpath behind our garden which had become impassable.  Aged water mains are constantly leaking and the utility company come out about once a year to fix another section.  Unfortunately, until they repair/replace all of it, we have one area of the green which is a perpetual bog.  Yes, I know it is not our responsibility to clear the path, but no-one else is going to do the job and I want to walk along it,  only took an hour anyway :)

Once the sun had moved around to the patio LP was able to work on our penultimate raised planter without freezing to death.  He finished his task, I haven't yet managed to take a picture of it completed . . .

The final task was to shred some of the massive pile of pruning I'd generated.

I started out intending to give the Deutzia* bushes a good thinning out, but got rather carried away and decided to deal with the Lonicera involucrata which we inherited and I have come to thoroughly dislike.

* I think it is a Deutzia scabra but each summer I forget to confirm this when it is in flower.


  1. You were certainly blessed with some beautiful weather in which to work. X

    1. Beautiful skies Jules, but it was bitterly cold

  2. Wow, you achieved a lot that day and glad it was nice weather. The path at the back looks pretty bleak in that photo. Take care.

    1. It's taken a couple of years for the silt to mess up the path that much, hopefully we can keep on top of it now. The new couple in Danny's house are really nice and he came out and cleared up a bit more after we'd gone in.


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