Monday, 21 November 2016

More change

The upheaval continued for most of the weekend.  Management's study is sort-of-finished in as much as the furniture is now where it should be and all his books are in the right rooms, just not on the correct shelves, but he wants to finish the sorting in his own time and at his own pace.

There are now 20 portions of Red Cabbage with Apple in the freezer, closely followed by a similar quantity of Ratatouille.  Yes it takes a while to cut everything up and prepare it, but probably doesn't use much more fuel to cook a huge batch than just three or four portions - and now I have lots more yummy goodness in the freezer.

And then it was back to furniture moving, this time in the sitting room.  We spent far too long umming-and-erring about where the heck to position the big sofa until Himself asked a surprising question:  why are we keeping it?   Err?  Because . . . . .?  And so a swift decision was made:  it's going!   The sofa is nnnn years old and was bought so that Ollie and I could lay on it together.  It is no longer comfortable (hasn't been for years) and at 8 feet long, far too big.  Daisy occasionally jumps on it but never for long, I cannot sit on it for more than a few minutes before my shoulder starts hurting and Management never uses it.  So with that decision out of the way we found ourselves with a remarkable amount of extra space, it will take some getting use to.

Daisy doesn't seem too bothered by all the changes :)

Still much to do but my (current) study is in danger of imploding because it is having to be a bit of a dumping ground, and I really want to finish the caravan sheets and make Daisy a new fleece coat before we start changing things around in the (current) sewing room.  Can you tell that my heart really wasn't in it?

It was bitterly cold outside all weekend but not too chilly to prevent popping out with the camera to enjoy the view.

Also a fair amount of playing rugby with a Small Person who doesn't seem to feel the cold when it suits her.


  1. Is Daisy taking an interest in computing? I am envious of all your red cabbage as ours just hasn't grown.

    1. Sue, don't be envious - the red cabbage came from Aldi (and very nice it was too!)

  2. It's looking very cosy at yours, Jayne. I bet it's rather satisfying to have a good change around and clear out. Then to top it all you have a freezer full of goodies. I love the frosty photographs. X

    1. Hi Jules, having a massive clear out like this is very cathartic. It's not just furniture, we have decided to digitise all our photo albums, and lots of DVDs and books have gone to charity shops and Ziffit/WeBuyBooks.

      Cooking for the freezer like this has become a habit, it means I can have a decent home-cooked meal every night without spending ages in the kitchen. I think it saves us a lot of money too.

  3. Changing things around is good & although I used to do it in earlier houses, I've not touched a thing here in 19 months, except kitchen cupboard handles & new oven. Everything is still where the removal men placed it, other than where everything was in a corner because of boxes. Daisy certainly doesn't seem phased & so glad you got outside to capture those beautiful pics. Fire glow does it for me to make it feel cosy. Keep warm & take care.

    1. I am very impressed Susan, that when you moved to the current house you knew to have the guys put all your furniture in the right place. We have never achieved that :)

      Daisy has taken to laying on the remaining sofa during the day - she can look out of the window towards the drive AND keep an eye on my comings and goings if she looks back over the arm.


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