Monday, 14 November 2016

All change, again

So much for making plans (that darn four-letter-word again).  The plan was for LP to come in at 8.00 on Friday but the weather had other ideas . . .

The second thing to change is our next planned caravan trip.  Although nothing was booked, we had generally agreed that I would go down to Ravenglass on Thursday or Friday for four nights, with Management joining us on Saturday and Sunday.  I know I wasn't too keen on the large site after our August visit, but at this time of year having a decent location within an hour's towing, knowing that there are numerous walks for Daisy that don't require manhandling her over stiles or getting in the car, and knowing that the ground won't be channelling Glastonbury is worth quite a lot.  But instead of prepping the caravan, this weekend Management and I embarked on one of our "moving things around sessions", an activity we have become quite proficient in over the last quarter of a century.

Let me explain . . . we get bored with how things are in the house, our interests and priorities change, and we like to mix things up a bit.  😎   So we seem to have a tradition of every two or three years moving furniture from room to room and 're-purposing spaces'.   It's a lot easier and cheaper than moving house, and certainly keeps things interesting!   We didn't finish the shifting completely therefore going away next weekend has been cancelled in favour of completing the first phase of what looks like it will be our biggest reorganisation yet.  By the time we are finished seven rooms in the house will have been completely turned on their heads and five of them will end up being used for something different - the beauty of living in a bungalow!

This won't make much sense to anyone else, sorry, please, just smile and nod sympathetically in appropriate places . . .

Management has been combining his business stuff with his personal PC and we decided to separate the two.  So one computer got moved into the tiny box room next to the kitchen ...  easy peasy, the rest took a bit longer.  When not rebuilding motorbikes, his other passion is making exceptionally small and impossibly detailed models, usually with parts so tiny I can barely see them with my glasses on.

But, over time his model-making stuff became separate from his extensive library of reference material and from the computer which provides inspiration and more reference, so we started trying to move everything into one place.  And he also has a huge collection of science-fiction books which needed sorting out, then there is the smaller but equally important collection of what I loosely call 'man fiction' that ranges from Socrates and Aristotle to Tom Clancy.  No wonder we didn't finish in one day.

In all we made varying degrees of mess in three rooms which included removing the door to the box room (massive improvement!) and creating a monstrous pile destined for the charity shop.

Hopefully we will finish this next weekend (hence no caravan trip) and then we can turn our attention to my study, the day room, the sitting room and my sewing room!  Yes, my fabric stash is going to relocate - again 😀😀


  1. Wow! My DH would shudder in his boots if I mentioned moving furniture to him. I used to do that before we married, but not so much now. It's either laziness or old age. :)

    1. Perhaps neither Sue, maybe he just likes things the way they are :)

  2. So I'm not alone in this phenomenon then...though at the cottage it's it as possible to shift things about! x

    1. Good morning WER, welcome to Bag End and thank you for commenting. So glad to find we are not the only ones. Just spent another weekend moving more stuff and are heading for the horrible chaos that builds up before everything settles again, generally quite cathartic though.


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