Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I'll have a little sit down now . . .

(Oh dear, this time I really have been too busy for my own good. I wrote this post on 11th October which is the date that will appear at the top . . . even though it didn't get published until the 17th; been a tad occupied doing other things!) 

It has been pointed out (more than once) that I do seem to cram rather a lot into each day.  Well, yes . . . but my excuse is that I have a lot to get done! So I thought I'd have a little go at writing some of the ordinary stuff down.

Yesterday afternoon I cut all the grass (except the Cottage Garden which was done at the weekend).  Not surprisingly, despite a soak in the bath, there was shoulder discomfort most of the night so I started today a little groggy.  However, by lunchtime I realised I had done nearly all the laundry, filed the log baskets, had a cooked breakfast, given Daisy a gentle 2½ mile opportunity to stop and sniff at nearly every leaf and blade of grass en route, baked a loaf of bread and made a huge pot of braised red cabbage for the freezer.  Both the apples and garlic came from the garden, self-congratulatory pat on back!

After a well deserved midday sit-down, I spent a happy few hours tootling up and down with the tractor moving home-made compost to the box hedge near the Big Pond and the asparagus bed.

Some of our asparagus did not do well last year with hardly any of the Pacific Purple crowns appearing, although we had a surprisingly good harvest of the green (Gijnilm).  The purple will (probably) all come out next Spring but for the time being I've mulched the whole lot with home-made compost, a seaweed feed, and covered it all with shredded bark/leaves.  Coupled with a little protection from the net cage, fingers crossed that these finickity plants will be happy.  Yes, I know asparagus is meant to be drop-dead easy-peasy to grow but that hasn't been the case at Bag End :(

The intention (I'm not going to say plan anymore!) was I would stop around 5.00, and that Management would come and help me wash the outside of the caravan.  Only it took me until nearer 6.00 o'clock to finish mulching the asparagus by which time my lovely hubby had washed 80% of the van so he told me to go inside, run a bath, and he'd finish . . . bless him. xxx


  1. The home made bread and the bath photographs are appealing to me right now. I'm having a catch up after no internet for a few days. X

    1. Welcome back Jules, being without t'internet these days is tough, isn;t it?


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