Friday, 14 October 2016

Caravan cleaning

Our Lovely Lunar is leaving on Saturday and we are determined that she will be the cleanest and tidiest part-exchange caravan that Ropers have ever received, so that's another two or three days taken care of.

I am reminded just HOW MUCH we did not like those shiny brown curtains . . . in fact, I had forgotten just how brown the whole caravan was.  I've not forgotten the glorious colourfulness (is that a word?) of the quilt set I made for this van, and some pieces of it will find a home in the new caravan.  Management wants to use the rest in the house which sounds like a splendid idea.

So that this is not an entirely brown blog post, this gorgeous pile of fresh green-ness came out of the greenhouse tonight and contributed to a lovely salad supper.  It includes spinach, parsley, winter purslane, lambs lettuce, beet leaves, and numerous unnamed lettuce from the 'mixed leaves' packets.


  1. My word, you have been busy just lately. Hope your asparagus does better next year. I bought some fresh today, as it is in season now here in Oz & is grown fairly locally, especially round
    Koo-wee-rup. Hope you enjoy the new van and like the interior colour this time round. BTW, have been having i'net problems since we got back, but hope it's going to be better now. Take care.

    1. Thank you Susan. Not glad you have had internet problems, but glaad to know that's why I've not heard from you - I was getting close to phoning to check up on you! Yes, as usual we have been a bit on the busy side! Catch up soon. xx

  2. Ha ha! What is it about caravans and brown? My old one was just the same. X

    1. Thankfully the new one is much brighter :) Will post some photos soon.


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