Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The week the circus came to town

We never meant to buy a fixer-upper when we moved to Cumbria.  We never meant to take on 2/3 acre of wilderness and turn it into a garden.  We never meant to still be renovating after 8½ years.  But we are where we are (one of Management's favourite sayings) and aren't we bloomin' lucky to be able to do it all? (one of mine).

I've leant a huge amount since we moved to Bag End, and one of the many things I've learnt about myself is that I have limited tolerance for the disruption caused by having tradesmen working here.  It has finally dawned on me, however, that having two or three different jobs done at the same time causes no more disruption than having just one.  In which case, how much fun would be it be go for six in the same week?

So this week looks like I'm running a drop-in cafe:

Monday through Friday:  Kate is here for five days painting more of our old pine furniture.

Monday and a bit of Tuesday:  Alan was working in the garden.  He completely transformed the steps down from the balcony, I've now got framing outside the small shed so we can make another small covered area and the front of the log store is now beautifully clad with timber and should be watertight once I've applied flashband.

Wednesday morning:  LP came back for the first time since his hand surgery and did half a day.  In that time he completely cleared a dumping ground next to the big log pile, and tried very hard to persuade us to buy his old trailer.  He used the 'bribe' of all his old compost as the reason for bringing the trailer - not sure why he left it here overnight though:)

Management is working at home all week and having stressful and irritating computer problems, so was added to the list of those needing to be taken care of with regular tea and coffee, but he got sympathy too :)

But that is not nearly disruption enough.  Tomorrow (if everyone turns up), we're adding Wayne & Keith to do some work on the patio and Graham to do clever stonemason-stuff on the old wall at the bottom of the Coppice.

In July I made a small start on adding some colour to the garden timber.


I didn't get very far before the shoulders decreed this was not a job I could finish, so Ian will be along to do the painting for me.

Plus LP again if he's not suffering too much from today.

In the midst of all this Daisy is doing very well for walks, food and being thoroughly spoilt.  She knows perfectly well that large balls are not allowed in the house but for some reason, this week she's getting away with it . . .


  1. I've always been fascinated by other people working, I could watch them for hours! It will be worth the disruption.

    1. Giggle :) It was quite hard work making endless cups of tea & coffee!

  2. What a whirlwind of activity like having a party.

    1. Thanks Sue, fortunately it all went as planned and was a little party-like, thankfully no-one got boozed up and fell asleep in a corner!

  3. 8.5 years is nothing! We've lived here for 16 years and still haven't decorated throughout :-(

    1. Hello stranger, how lovely to hear from you :) What makes you think WE'VE decorated throughout? Rate I'm going it will take me another 8 years so maybe you're more normal than you think (or we're both quite odd, giggle)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Tess, it was a great week but very tiring :).


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