Saturday, 24 September 2016

New light

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I love the internet, and I especially love blogs.  I cannot complain about M. spending hours on Facebook talking motorbikes or watching videos of cute puppies when I can spend just as long reading about gardening, quilting, yoga, outdoorsy stuff, or just anything which  catches my attention.

Last week I saw a fabulous solar powered light at Leigh's Five Acres and a Dream.  Despite Leigh buying her light halfway round the world, globalisation meant that I had one of my own 48 hours later.  Sadly it sat unopened for the rest of the week whilst I ran a drop-in coffee shop for all our tradesmen, but this morning it was the work of minutes to fix it up near the log store.

Finally I will have light where I need it and trips in the dark to get wood will be rather easier than they were before.  I have a feeling though, that this unit will get moved to the greenhouse to supplement the flourescent tube which really isn't bright enough, and I will get a different MicroSolar light that's more suited to the dampness of this area to illuminate the log store.

Thanks Leigh!


  1. You're just a little bit excited about this light aren't you!? X

  2. Jayne, I'm thrilled to know this worked for you! I'm so happy with mine that I'm thinking of all sorts of other places for more. :)


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