Saturday, 17 September 2016

Holiday at home, part 2

Management pointed out it was my holiday too, so the laundry and general housekeeping has gone to hell in a handcart :)  When not 'helping' Management (euphemism for standing around saying things like "what can I do" knowing full well the answer is 'nothing'), walking Daisy and feeding us, there was a considerable amount of gardening.  There has been much more than the photos show, for example whilst preparing the greenhouse soil for winter salads (which is going to get a post all of it's own) I sieved the top four inches of each bed - that's not exactly a photogenic process.

The holiday started well with a delicious delivery from J. Parkers, nothing has been planted yet and the bulbs are in a dark, cool place for a couple of weeks.  How to make a middle aged woman very happy {giggle}.

Whilst Management deconstructed the Little Red Tractor I worked nearby on the back vegetable beds.  Daffodils and narcissus from tubs (which failed on the drive when they got blown off the wall) have been planted next to the fence, and seeing as Verbena bonariensis seems to want to self seed all over this area, I've "targeted" the plants in the same line.

For the past few years I have gently been collecting Cyclamen, mostly hederifolium but also a couple of delicate little Cyclamen coum.  In a garden the size of Bag End, small plants tend to get rather lost so all the cyclamen were "safely" in the small bed behind the willow fedge.  Unfortunately, the intended removal of the willow means the cyclamen need a new and safe home.  Whilst our original plan idea was box-alike hedging in the new bed, whilst M. was working on the outside lights I moved all the big corms, and if I say so myself it all looks rather lovely.  I will see the flowers every day during winter when I go to the bird feed bin, they are protected from the worst of the weather, and won't get 'lost' amongst the more enthusiastic planting.

It was lovely to find so many babies - but did I really need to pot up 180 seedlings?  Of course I didn't but since when did common-sense and logic have anything to do with growing plants?

As soon as the salad seeds starting germinating in the greenhouse I had a mad idea (there's a pattern here ...).  The small fruit cage is currently empty so I've duplicated my greenhouse sowing in these three beds.  It will be interesting to compare the fate of the same plants, side by side but half under cover and half in just a sheltered spot.  If I end up with a surfeit of salad leaves in winter that will be a fun problem to have.  If they all keel over and die I've lost nothing.

And then there is the 'interesting' patch, optimistically named the New Garden . . . oh what a mess that has turned out to be.  Originally it was going to be a wildflower meadow but right this moment I cannot remember why that idea went off the rails.  Last year part of it looked good with native species I'd grown and planted out but much of it went to hell in a handcart before I could finish planting.

(October 2015)

This year we've relied on cornflower, borage et al which have self seeded from last summer but it's been a complete mess and recently I cannot get to the fruit cage without fighting to get along the path.  It's all got to come out and start again - sigh.

Of course there has been other stuff, grass cutting, general fiddling about, 'drive-by weeding' when I walk past something which really cannot be ignored any longer and a 30 second stop turns into 30 minutes . . . , but that will do for today's blog :)


  1. I must admit to regularly falling victim to impulse weeding. Once planted you are never without cyclamen hederifolium.

    1. Cheers Sue, don't forget a few of those C. hederifolium came from you in the first place :)

  2. so much hard work. I think in the last 3 weeks in my garden the most I've done is sit and drink tea..... the teenager cut the grass at least. my garden is a disaster......

    1. Your garden is not a disaster if you have been sitting outside relaxing in it.


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