Friday, 16 September 2016

Holiday at home, part 1

Oops, fallen off the blogging wagon again but this time for good reason.  One more weekend and then it is the end of Management's three-week 'summer' holiday.  Although we intended to go away in the caravan it never happened but we've still been flat out busy the whole time.  At the beginning of his holiday M. was talking about doing some of the jobs which have piled up around the house & garden this summer so we wrote everything down on a small whiteboard - and ran out of room, oops.

We haven't managed to wipe everything off the board, but much has been achieved and (hopefully) with some balance because Daisy has had good walks and M. has spent time in his workshop every day doing 'motorbike building' stuff.

One of the first jobs we tackled was cutting up the timber from the sycamore, took a couple of days but there's now another pile of logs covered up and seasoning for a future winter.

Refurbishing and/or replacing most of the lights outside the house has taken far longer than expected, and the job still isn't finished, but with autumn approaching with indecent speed it gets darker much earlier each day and we need lights on the stairs otherwise it's really not safe.

Seeing as I never use the ride-on mower to cut grass we decided to remove the cutting deck.  I was expecting it to be a horrendous job but Mr Mechanically-Minded said it was fairly straightforward, but a bit fiddly in places.  So now my little red tractor is just that - a tractor and we've taken at least 40kg of unnecessary weight off the chassis.

It hasn't all been hard slog; Management always seem to get decent weather for his September holiday and we've been able to use my new solar telescope a few times.  I still have a long way to go to learn how to get the best out of it and  the seeing conditions haven't always been brilliant, but looking up at the sun and seeing active regions and sunspots is an awesome experience.


  1. Not all holidays need to be away - sometimes the break at home does the job perfectly :) Especially as you have had lovely weather while you are sorting all the outside chores, makes it so much nicer and easierxx

    1. Thanks Hawthorn, it has felt like a 'proper' break. No alarm clock, no agenda, and not too much rain either :)

  2. Replies
    1. Sue, kind of you to refer to that as a lawn :) We think of it as 'green area with an assortment of native plants' (which is a gentle way of saying 'full of weeds, clover and moss'! )


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