Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Sale Fell and a couple of surprises

Just because there has not been much blogging activity recently does not mean there hasn't been general Bag End activity, it just means I haven't managed to blog about it! 

Yesterday we had a lovely little bimble around the side of Sale Fell.  We didn't go past the fell wall because it was unexpectedly sticky and muggy, and Daisy was definitely feeling the heat.  I fear she was also feeling her age.

As a stray with no official 'history' we can never know exactly how old she is.  The rescue advertised her as eight and whilst initially we thought she was younger, on reflection (and looking at the wear on her teeth and her current behaviour) we've concluded that eight is probably close to the truth and as she's been with us nearly four years then she could well be coming up 12 - no longer a youngster.

Despite that, she still thoroughly enjoys her outings but we do have to think carefully about route planning.  Whilst she can quite comfortably manage 3 or 4 miles when it is flat and close to home, add hilly bits and she slows down considerably (but then so do I at present!)  Nevertheless, we had a lovely stroll and on the way down bumped into Pat and Maisie again.  Sadly no pictures of the two dogs because they disappeared into the bracken after rabbits . . . I remember Ollie doing exactly the same thing and do not envy Pat the task of removing shrubbery from Maisie's coat :)

Our second surprise was finding a flower display at St Margaret's Church so I decided to leave Daisy outside for a few minutes whilst I had a look around.  Inside I got chatting to the Church Warden who turned out to be a friend of a friend.  She's also very keen on dogs and insisted Daisy came inside - it reminded me of that lovely insane episode from Vicar of Dibley, although Little Miss Perfect caused far less chaos.

Gorgeous floral displays, and even though they were a little past their prime it was a lovely way to spend a quiet few minutes enjoying the flowers and this beautiful old building.

Not the best photos today.  "Only a quick dog walk" so nothing in my pocket to take pictures with except the phone.


  1. Looks like a lovely walk. The mossy stone wall is gorgeous. Of course I love flower shows & displays & have entered quite a few over the years. Actually since I was about 5 years old. In an old church makes it even more special. Take care.

    1. Susan, we can do that walk when you're here, if you like? Unless something awful happens, the church will be open - one of the joys of this part of the world is the ability to have these gorgeous places unlocked during the day.

  2. The church looked really lovely Jayne but sorry to hear that Daisy is feeling her age ,,, it seems to be coming to us all! Doing my best to fight it off though :-)

    1. Ruddy irritating, isn''t it, when saying "pah, age is just a number" no longer works . . . .


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