Saturday, 27 August 2016

Busy day

Yesterday we had one of those crazy days where it seems we did not stop.  M. was at home and trying to finish up all his paperwork before starting a three week holiday, with all the interuptions he has not been terribly sucessful.  I thought I'd make note of it all just to remind myself of why I regularly collapse at the end of the day in a tired little heap. 

First thing was the unexpected joy of 'first light' through a very indulgent acquisition which arrived on Thursday.  This is just the eye piece - for some silly reason I haven't photographed the telescope it fits into!  We have got ourselves a small solar 'scope that enables us to look safely at the sun.  There is a big learning curve ahead - I had the mount height completely wrong, I need a much bigger hat (or large black towel as someone suggested), I need a lot of practise fine tuning the etalon and the focussing, basically - doing everything.  But both Himself and I had a good view of two separate regions of sunspot activity which is far in excess of what we might of expecting on day 1.

Once we'd put the 'scope safely back in its box someone arrived to take away an old bed.  As soon as we'd come indoors from that, Walter arrived with another two tons of stone.

After an hour's walk and back home to cool off, Daisy went bonkers at the Yodel delivery van (bearing in mind she's already carried out her 'alert' duty for all the other arrivals and half deafened me in the process).  With another 30kg of sunflower seeds in the feed bin, the birds will not go hungry any time soon.

(oops, missing photo, oh well, there are plenty of others)

Just as I sat down after lunch than Simon arrived to do a "quick afternoon's tree surgery".  We have another Acer platanoides, 'Crimson King' right on the fence line near the Coppice.  On the left you can see a huge 'sport' which has grown as regular sycamore and we've decided to remove it.  It is taking valuable nutrients from the rest of the tree, and gives us an opportunity to have a little reshaping done as well.

Every now and again Management abandoned the pretence of trying to work and came to lend a hand :)

After getting far too hot playing games:

Daisy went inside to sulk and get away from the noise of the chainsaw.

Simon did an amazing job with the tree taking huge care to cut back branches to a growing point.  We are left with a much better shape and whilst there's a bit of a gap in the top-left section in a couple of years new growth should fill this.

We also have a lovely pile of fresh timber to cut up for seasoning, and two big bags of chippings for mulch.

After supper a hot bath was called for and we relaxed for a while before I took Daisy out for her bedtime walk.  Which is when I realised the sky was so dark and clear we could see the Milky Way.  So of course we had to spend some time outside with binoculars but it was well worth it because we saw four meteors.  It was well after midnight before I got to put the light out - no wonder I get tired!


  1. Poor M with all those interruptions going on. Were you talking about Friday or Saturday? It was wet here yesterday! You are certainly going to be busy moving all that gravel etc. and I don't blame Daisy inside, as chainsaws make an awful racket. Look forward to seeing the garden and I bet you sleep in this morning after star gazing till late. Take care.

    1. Hi Susan, this was a busy Friday, I did the photos and words during Saturday, and yes - it was a bit of a lie-in!

  2. A bit removed from that tree is deceptively huge isn't it? Maybe you got the rest the day after as it was a miserable day here.

    1. Absolutely right Sue, we are stunned with how the Acer looks now. The shape is even better when viewed from outside the garden (typical) but in a couple of years it will have evened out. You're also right that I did nothing but rest yesterday :) Which is a shame because it was dry until supper time and there was a bit of sun.

  3. Replies
    1. You're right Tess, it was wonderful (just a bit full on!)

  4. You look to have had good weather too - but now back to the grotty grey stuff :( Have a good break and see you some time in September xx

    1. Thanks Hawthorn.
      Daisy and I are very much looking forward to getting together with you and Miss Moss, xx :) :)


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