Monday, 13 June 2016

Sorting out the "dumping grounds" (or - ANOTHER job started but not finished)

Every garden has (at least) one - an area which, despite the very best of intentions, is a dumping ground and always a mess.  In a garden the size of Bag End those dumping grounds go feral pretty quickly!  I have never managed to keep the area around the back of the big shed and log store from getting totally out of control.  In the twelve months since stumps were ground out we've added another shed and loads of mess too!

Now it is time to tidy things up for good (who am I kidding?)

At the weekend M. and I had a bit of a blitz and tried to move as much 'stuff' out of the way as possible in order that LP had a clear run at doing all the hard work for us.  On Tuesday morning we started between the new shed and the greenhouse.

A few very hot hours later we had (nearly) flat level ground and a new bed.  The bed came about because levelling off the soil would have badly exposed the roots of the little holly tree that, for no reason other than I can, I want to keep.  Conveniently we've also created a nice place to plant another Clematis montana which will be trained up the fence onto the metal trellis.  I suspect there will be other pretty things planted in this bed, even unfinished it makes me smile every time I look at it.  Just because this is a 'utility area' why shouldn't it have nice flowers?

Despite having had a huge stump ground out there were still roots in the way . . .

The following day we had a repeat performance at the front of the new shed.

The initial reason for a bed here was to support/strengthen one of the fence posts.  It's pretty solid now because this bed is tied into the shed base and other fence posts and eventually will brace across to the log store.  We're building for the long term!

The other lovely thing to happen was the completion of the bed behind the house (a necessity so that LP had somewhere to put the soil he excavated.  It has taken YEARS to get to this point but it makes such a difference - delighted with how everything is coming together.

Even the way LP works this was far too much work for two days so we tried again this morning (Monday).  The weather had other ideas and we were rained off after an hour . . .

I'm so fortunate to be doing this, but will be so very glad when it is all done :)


  1. Goodness, you have been busy. You must be exhausted. Maybe the weather decided that you needed a little rest, before the next big job.(giggle) You put hubby and I to shame, but just don't overdo it. Take care.

    1. Don't worry Susan, whilst I have been busy it was LP who did all the hard work!

      Don't want to put anyone to shame. Just want all the hard landscaping finished and done with - nearly there :)

  2. Even small gardens have those all essential dumping grounds and ignored areas ... I like to think of them as 'habitats' and 'work in progress' :) A few years ago I went to turn a compost heap that I neglected longer than I should have and discovered a bumblebee nest. So I walked away, leaving it for another year. A perfect reason to have these little neglected spots :)

    1. I completely agree - only it doesn't always work out that way! On Monday we found a bumblebee nest at the bottom of a builder's bag full of timber and I'm waiting for a local beekeeper to help me move it. Cannot stay in place because we're having the area where it is resurfaced.

      Half an hour ago I found the beginning of a wasp nest - about 6" from the door of the new shed so that's not going to be an easy cohabitation :(

  3. Fantastic progress Jayne ,,, quite a few 'wild areas' here too that need a bit of attention when things dry out a bit. Bumble bees have taken over one of my nest boxes again and my baby wrens have fledged at last (thank goodness). Not sure what attacked them (suspect it was a cat) but they seemed to withstand whatever it was and my barricade I built on the ground below the nest seemed to work. Some of my clematis was dragged down onto the floor so I lifted it slightly but didn't want to disturb the birds so left it and the rabbits finished it off!! The joys of gardening in the country!

    1. That's the problem with wildlife, Jill - it's "wild". Apart from the cats - they're just a bloody nuisance :)


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