Friday, 6 May 2016

A couple of days with LP

Last week LP was here for two days and rather than tackle one of the big jobs I used the time to get lots of smaller tasks either completed or underway.

One of the most useful things he accomplished was to dig a lot of holes to make it easy for me to plant some of the new laurels that were delivered recently.  Normal gardening advice is to put hedges in first but the making of our garden has been anything but normal so it should not be a surprise than 8 years on I am still creating boundaries :-{  In places there is lot more preparatory work to do removing weeds and so on but bending over with a fork or spade is not something my shoulders take kindly too these days (which is a bit of a worry for a gardener).

The most impressive set of holes happened in the still-feral section of garden at the back of the house.  This is the one remaining area that's never been touched and I was doubtful that he would get big enough holes between the tree roots.  Fortunately I was wrong to be concerned and he succeeded. 

He removed two blackcurrent bushes from the big fruit cage; sadly I wasted all the fruit last year so the plants needed to come out.  M. is not a huge fan of blackcurrants and I no longer eat anything which needs nearly its own weight in sugar to be palatable.  The bed has been dug over, needs levelling and I am not sure what is going in instead.

Continuing to take advantage of someone who can dig better than me, two sick and unhappy hydrangeas came out of the Cottage Garden, not sure if I will plant them somewhere else or compost them, and two huge ferns also got a relocation.  Last week Management helped me move a couple of old tree stumps into the bed behind the Top Pond and we've created a little shady fern area which I hope the frogs will like.

In preparation for planting a laurel hedge to divide the fruit cage area from the Cottage Garden* our attempt at trellis had to come down.  I told LP to do whatever he wanted (always a dangerous instruction), took Daisy for a walk, and when I came back the job was done.

* and eventually to grow a big evergreen screen to shield our observatory area from an irritating streetlight

He FINALLY finished the last bit of woodwork in the vegetable patch and all the new sections were topped off with the remainder of the smelly, wet poultry poo.  Now it's been spread it has dried quickly and the worms are doing a good job taking it into the soil.  Fillng half a bin with that stuff was not one of our smartest moves - it has taken ages to rot down.

We had a general tidy-up session so the dumping ground behind the log store is under control (for now), moved a big pile of weldmesh and he did a great job of fixing up one piece near the arbour.  There are plans for Clematis montana to do its 'hooligan' thing around this area.

Not bad for a couple of sunny days :-}


  1. Well done to LP and you certainly make good use of his time. The warmer weather is definitely the time to sort it all out, though over here sometimes it is too warm. Understand about the shoulder soreness being scary for a gardener, as I'm struggling in the garden these days with my funny ribs. So much for getting older(giggle). Have a lovely end of week, take care and huggles!!!!!

    1. Thanks Susan.
      LP is a rare individual indeed - he's happiest when he has a load of work to get through . . . doesn't matter whether I present him with a big task (which is lined up for next week!) or a long list of smaller jobs.

  2. Your garden is certainly a work in progress but it's getting there. I love the shady area for the frogs, I hope they like appreciate it.

    Last year a friend gave me her old small above-ground garden pond which I've not yet managed to do anything with, but hopefully I'll get it set up at the bottom of the back garden this year as I really want some frogs.

    1. Eunice, good luck with your pond. Providing you give frogs the conditions they need then you will be fine. In our first couple of years we begged spawn from neighbours' ponds and that has been enough - this Spring we had upwards of 20 frogs in each of the ponds and the number of rapidly growing tadpoles exceeds anything we have seen before.

  3. Replies
    1. Err, no - LP got loads done, I just told him what was the next job on the list!!


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