Thursday, 17 April 2014


The last day before a much-needed Easter break and LP was on carpentry duties.  I've moaned and whined before about what a pain it is to cut the grass around the Potager, so the decision has been made that the grass is going to be replaced with bark paths.  It makes sense, therefore, to put a solid edge along the far end.  Using the remaining stumps from previous fence posts it didn't take too long to make a very smart edge.  It'll look even better with a coat of black woodstain.

When the side lawn was repaired last summer I would have liked to continue the timber edging but it was too hot and LP was off on his travels for the summer.   Occasionally I can be surprisingly patient and if I wait long enough I usually get what I want.

I went off to do the weekend shopping and left LP to his own devices.  It's looking brilliant so far and will be finished after Easter.  The pegs are deliberately on the path side so I don't hit them with the lawnmower and will be covered up when we get a fresh load of bark chips.

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