Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fruit cage

Finally, a few decent days with no rain and LP was keen to catch up on lost time and make some more progress.  He worked here most of the weekend and completely transformed the back corner of the nursery area.

There was an entire day of groundwork, I didn't take any pictures partly because it's not a very interesting part of the process and partly because I'm a twit and forgot :}

A ton of 40mm stones will significantly help drainage in this area.

By Saturday evening the outer walls were built and the fruit cage frame was in place.  This might not be exactly how Harrod Horticulture recommend you stabilise the uprights but it works for us (they're a foot in the ground as well as being bolted to the timber).

By Monday afternoon the woodwork was finished and on Tuesday we used the remainder of top soil from the drive to fill them.

The Assistant Gardener seems to approve.


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    1. Thanks FFG, Daisy thought so too when she was walking around on top of them :{

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    1. I don't think Madam would be very impressed with that concept :}


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