Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happiness is . . .

. . . a new rugby ball.

Very soon it will be punctured, that's OK - easier to carry around when half inflated. 

Then it will be shaken like a rat until it is very, very, very dead. 

Then the real damage occurs and the seams will be ripped open.

At that point it can be disembowelled.

This process takes about four months, Daisy is in doggy heaven and we think it's an absolute bargain!


  1. Tivvy loves plastic bottles - she screws the top of and then squashes them flat ready for recycling!

  2. Clever girl Tivvy. I tried to teach Daisy to carry plastic bottles down to the recycling bin but she gave me some nonsense about child labour laws and ran off in the opposite direction.

    1. She;s quite amusing when tackling a 5 litre bottle which is almost as big as her. She carries it and shakes it by the handle. If you are too close your suffer a battering.


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