Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lead legs on Ling Fell

Another walk which didn't quite go according to plan.  Got half way up Ling Fall, and turned round and came back again.  Daisy didn't seem too distressed and a mile and a half running around on the fellside is more than a lot of dogs get:}  Thankfully she still seems completely oblivious to the presence of sheep around here.

What looks like low cloud was really a thick haze, there was little visibility and it was ludicrously humid for tea-time at the start of autumn, perhaps that's why my legs just wouldn't work?


  1. Weird weather all round I reckon. We have been infested by ladybirds. I like them in the garden eating the aphids, I don't even mind one or two in the house keeping warm over winter but when literally hundreds invade then it begins to feel very freaky!

    1. Ladybirds in the hundreds? wow, I'd like to see that.


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