Thursday, 8 August 2013

Blackcurrant time

A major picking session yesterday afternoon.  The 'Ben Sarek' plant is more prolific and gave 1500g.  'Ben Lomond' is much easier to pick, something about the way the strigs are arranged, but the fruit are individually smaller and the yield was 1050g.

Nonetheless, 2½kg of blackcurrants is not to be sniffed at, although cleaning them up took a quite a while - 2½ episodes of a not-very-good American legal drama on DVD!  Fortunately it occurred to me to use a pair of the vitrile gloves so at least I avoided stained fingers this time.

Ages since I've made jelly rather than jam and forgot what a mess it creates.  The upside was the house smelt like a Ribena factory all day.  The downside was a sink that looked like an out-take from an early episode of Dexter.

Showing off?  Yes, just a little :}


  1. Oh yumm. I love blackcurrant jelly, it just smells so gorgeous.

    1. For about a day and a half the house smelt like a Ribena factory - seriously yummy!

  2. I made crab-apple jelly once ,,, when I was much younger and still enthusiastic about being in the kitchen for hours!

    1. I'd rather leave the crab apples for the birds but I thoroughly enjoy jam-making and often wonder why I don't do more of it . . .


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