Monday, 15 July 2013

Once upon a time

Once upon a time I was organised.  I mean REALLY organised, textbook Type A over-achiever.  But that was OK because I got a lot done and that made me happy and if I'm happy then the amount of grief dispensed to those around me is vastly minimised :}

But over the last two or three years I have been getting increasingly disorganised and it's no fun. Endless piles of paper on my desk, in the kitchen, by my chair, by the bed - it's not a good look.  Birthday cards not sent, menus not planned, car not MOT'd (oops).

Seeing as there is a limit to how much blame can be apportioned to menopause, house renovations or any other life-event, I did a lot of "thunking" about what I do now which is different to how I used to organise myself and I realised that the trick was writing it all down.  So I tried to get back into the habit of using a notebook which helped, to a point, only I had a need to 'organise' my notes and that led to one book for the garden, one for the house, another for something else, and then I couldn't find the one I wanted so I used a scrap of paper, which brings us back to where this all started ...

Electronic organisers do not work for me and never have done. Management regularly offers to get me a smart phone and an iPad which will all talk to my lovely iMac and whilst I'm sure that would be fun in an indulgent gadgets sort of way it won't make me any more organised.  And then, in one of the Universe's beautifully synchronicitious (no such thing as coincidence) ways, Jo posted about her new Filofax and bingo - that was it!

I have had a personal sized Filofax for a very long time and it's still in perfect condition despite much use and abuse.  Research tells me it is a Winchester model (4 CLF) and apparently now much sought-after. I remember buying it at John Lewis in Watford in the early 80's.  However, this time around I wanted to use a larger size so I went online and indulged.  But not as much as I expected because Filofax prices vary wildly if you look around. 

A few days of blissful Type A organisation later and the corner of my desk no longer looks like a paper recycling plant.  Sure, there's still a humungous box of household filing to attend to but I don't really care about that :}

An A5 Cuban, deep dark brown, smells delicious, feels divine*, and so far going a long way towards helping me feel less out-of-control and overwhelmed by all that I want to do

(*  my precious . . .)


  1. I'm so pleased that you're back on track. I think electronic devices have their place, but as I'm technically challenged, I can't beat paper and pen. You're right about the Winchester, it is much sought after now. I'm still using my a5 Chameleon as a household binder and a personal Malden as my carry around planner. It's working well for me this way.

    1. Thanks for the little 'nudge' Jo, glad your system is still working well for you.

  2. Ok , Hobbit - top photo - exactly *when* did you sneak in to take a pic of my 138 to-dos?? (Actually, 125 as of end of play today, with another 6 to add for tomorrow... Progress, I guess)

  3. I think it is the world we live in today. I was once super organised and now I find it difficult to sort out the priorities and the stress levels hit extreme highs and I worry about doing any craft and feel the house, garden and hubby should come first. The children have all grown up and have families of their own and I worked full time for most of their childhood and now I don't. I do all my Dad and brother's organising too, so needed another drawer for my filing cabinet and sometimes find that the days aren't long enough and am always exhausted. Thanks Bilbo and Jo, I'm glad I'm not alone on this.

  4. Hazel, Susan - thanks as always for lovely comments.

    I've found using the Filofax helps to prioritise but you could use any system which works for you. In my diary section I copy over the tasks which I have a reasonable chance of completing in one week - that way I don't get overwhelmed. In another section I keep the 'big list' but because it's not "in my face" every moment I find it less daunting.

    Everyone works differently, the clever bit is finding out what suits you. For Jo and I, a paper-based organiser is the way to go (and looking around online, it's the way to go for many, many others too :} )


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