Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I could get used to this "being on holiday for the rest of the year" lark.  A lovely lazy weekend blessed with wall-to-wall sunshine and it was really too hot to do much more than sit by the pond and gently putz around.  Far too hot to take Daisy on the fells. 

In places much more active than Bag End, quilting friends have been enjoying the first weekend of this year's Christmas Quilt-a-Long.  No sewing took place here but there was much thinking and cogitating about the fact that already we're halfway through 2013 and there is, therefore, every likelihood that I'll once again get to the festive season with quilting projects still just a 'good idea' rather than finished items.  One such good idea has been a Christmas version of my UFO Quilt.

The original UFO Quilt is an assemblage of all the trial blocks, left-overs and assorted workshop bits & bobs that I had accumulated over the years.  It doesn't photograph terribly well but is a lovely quilt to live with (wool wadding) and often takes a turn on the bed in winter.

More years ago than I like to remember I deliberately started a similar quilt using Christmas fabrics.  There is no plan or design, just an increasing pile of blocks and pieced sections/units which will, one day, come together.  I dug the box out this weekend to have a look at what I've got - it's so long since I did anything to this project that I couldn't really remember what was in there.

And then the serendipity moment.  Weeks and weeks ago I was chatting to QuiltSue about foundation piecing and told her I had a Carol Doak book with DVD which explained, better than ANYTHING I'd ever seen before, how to streamline the foundation piecing process.  Sue probably thinks I had forgotten my promise to find the DVD and lend it to her.  What really happened was I turned the place upside down and couldn't find it.

But safely nestled in the box of Christmas stuff was the missing book, and the DVD is in its pocket on the back cover.   And unsurprisingly ... I still haven't posted it to her :{

(Click on the photo and it should take you directly to Amazon)

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