Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Secret places

Whilst Daisy loves her fell walking excursions she doesn't have the stamina to go on a long trek every day.  That suits me fine, I have other stuff that I want/need to do and there isn't always time to go on a three-hour dog walk.

I wonder how many people who visit our town know that just a few minutes walk from Sainsbury's is this quiet, peaceful place.  We often spot a heron although I haven't yet glimpsed the kingfisher who are known to hunt here.

On the days when Daisy just needs a short stroll we often come here, she's getting a little braver near water and will now have a drink.  One day we met a big, soppy Golden Retriever who wouldn't get out of the river and Daisy was quite worried and upset to see him sitting in the water! 

Someone feeling brave enough to come and see why I was standing on a rock in the water!

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