Monday, 3 June 2013

Return to Rannerdale

I wanted another visit to Rannerdale before the bluebells go over for the year.  A lovely walk but I was reminded why I don't use the short and steep route at the front of the fell. It's years since I last took this path and half way up I took some time to stop and think "the idea of fell walking is to enjoy it - and I absolutely do not enjoy terrain like this".  Usually I take a longer route in preference to a 'straight up' and steep one, but I hadn't been up this way for ages ... which is probably why I forgot that last time I went up here I said 'never again!'.  Perhaps I'll learn ... eventually ...

However, it doesn't take long to get to the summit and we're rewarded with fabulous views.  Surprisingly chilly and windy at the top so Daisy and I donned an extra layer whilst we had the regulation summit snack.

More wonderful views as we walked the long spine of the fell despite it being a bit overcast:

Looking back along the path we've just walked:


Lots of people have commented on how far the bluebells seem to have spread this year: 

Silly photo shoot with Madam, the wound on her head is healing well:

The final few yards of the walk near Cinderdale show just how far Little Miss Perfect has come in the six months she has been with us.  No more hysterics at the sight of water;  although she would prefer NOT to get her feet wet now she's prepared to cross the shallow stream (although she did it as fast as possible!)

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