Sunday, 9 June 2013

NGS Garden Visit, Crookdake

I've been to Crookdake a couple of times before but the thing which struck me on this visit was how fastidiously Mrs Rylands adheres to the colour schemes in each section of the garden.  I admire this sort of control but know I could never achieve it.  The only 'colour control' which gets enforced at Bag End is where I place yellow which I find the most difficult of garden colours - unless it's in a pond.


The vegetable plot has become Fortress Crookdake since I last saw the garden, apparently rabbits are a problem.  LOVE the metal obelisks - I wonder if Management would like to try out his welding skills on something similar?  He'll probably tell me to get on and do it myself and for these, you know, I might just have a go :}

There are other photos from my visits in 2012 and 2009.


  1. That is a rather regimented looking garden to me.

    1. That describes it perfectly Sue, as you know, Bag End is rather more 'relaxed' :}


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