Monday, 24 June 2013

Is this a perfect day?

For QuiltSue and all my other friends who care enough to keep checking in to make sure I really am relaxing and recharging the batteries . . .

Slept well enough last night that I was able to get up at a reasonable time feeling moderately refreshed.  After a quick walk around the block with Daisy followed by breakfast for two I had a lovely, long natter with a dear friend.  An hour wasn't enough time to catch up with all QuiltSue's news but thanks to a hands-free phone I did get all the ironing done and put away :}

Four hours or so in the garden (interrupted by coffee, lunch, a mug of tea and numerous games with Daisy) got more laurel in the ground, new hostas planted out and a few trays of seeds sown.  The hosta were bought unnamed from Seaview Nursery, thought to be Blue Angel or Sum and Substance ...


A day or so too soon but could not resist - the first strawberry out of the greenhouse. Compared to last year's flavourless crop this was pure nectar and will be even better by the weekend.

It was tea-time before Daisy and I set off for Sale Fell.  Starting our walk at 5.00 I expected the hill to be busy with people who'd just finished work but it was eerily quiet.

Only saw one other person over the course of a three mile walk.  The wind picked up at the summit and it got a tad nippy so Madam and I donned an extra layer each.  Daisy was so pleased that she took off into a manic 'I can catch this long tail if I leap around like a mad thing' session.  The photos are only half the story, one day I'm going to manage to video this lunacy!

Delicious no-work supper: Cottage Pie out of the freezer which only needed reheating and some veg.  Despite it being the end of June the evenings are a tad nippy so for the second night running I lit the wood burner and Daisy and I relaxed thoroughly before it was time to go to bed.


  1. Marvelous use of the day! Full marks all round!

  2. Glad you are taking it a "bit" easier and you have a special friend to check up on you, though with all that planting I think you might be kidding yourself. It's been chilly here too in the evenings (actually the whole day at times).

    1. Susan, there's a difference between 'work' and 'play' and for me, planting out is always a lovely task and never a chore.

      I'm not surprised it is chilly - you're almost into winter!

  3. Replies
    1. And you can see it all for yourself next week, really looking forward to your visit!


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