Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dodging showers

LP is trying to fit as much time in as possible before he disappears for the rest of the summer and we'd scheduled two day's work for Thursday and Friday.  Actually, ~ I ~ had scheduled LP to be here working whilst I hung around on the sidelines and did very little. Only the second part of the plan came off, the weather was uncooperative and we spent much of the day dodging showers.

However, lovely things did happen, firstly a larch slab frame next to the black deck.  LP has loosened the soil and I'll take my time adding compost and soil, Charles Dowding's "no dig" way, and then plant.  I did nothing apart from agree where the boards were to be fixed.

Last weekend I had an 'attack of the pole pruner' so that I could get a couple of apple trees into the bed adjacent to the area that (one day) will be a vegetable plot.  LP had brought his heavy-duty shredder and made short work of a huge pile of branches.  Once again, I did virtually nothing :}

Rain set in after lunch so we made an unscheduled start on splitting logs.  I had an easy time of it sitting on a stool pressing buttons on the log splitter until we called an early finish at 3.30.

It might not have been the day I planned, but a few things got done and I didn't get cream-crackered :}


  1. You seemed to get a lot done even though you had showers. How lucky to have a log splitter like that. I used to split ours when we had a solid fuel cooker and it was hard work. Hubby used to be away for days at a time and it did our meals and hot water. Not sure that I could do it now.

    1. Susan, without the hydraulic splitter there's NO way we could process so much wood this easily.

      A friend uses wood to heat her hot water and having logs available 12 months of the year and you're right, it is very hard work.

  2. That clearance will have given you lots of extra space! and a view of your neighbour :)

    1. Naughty Sue! Yes, I suppose it does 'open up the view a bit' but I've now got a row of laurel hedging and a couple of apple trees along this boundary so in a few years time visibility will be somewhat obstructed :}


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