Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bag End Cam, 2

24 hours in the Coppice produced only a handful of shots and most of them were of me digging up a Centaurea to move it!

Overnight however, we had confirmation that Daisy is not a 100% effective deterrent against the neighbours' cats.  Oh well, at least since we got her the little feline sods have stopped using the Cottage Garden lawn as a toilet.


  1. We'd left our camera out and forgot about it 'til you posted about yours so I had to go through over 6000 images. It was trained on the Living Lid that had the sempervivums uprooted. It recorded a squirrel, many shots of a wood pigeon who seemed to be aware of its presence, several blackbirds one with a beakful of nesting material, a collared dove and a few sparrows. So far prime suspect is the wood pigeon stomping about on everything!

    1. 6,000 - oh dear, that's way too many!

      Glad I have reminded you of it and hope you get some good pictures this summer.


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