Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A wander through Holme Wood

Haze and cloud restricted the views today but did not spoil the pleasure of a stroll through the woods.

We've bought Daisy a walking harness, the sort I would like her to wear if we're going somewhere rough and/or steep.  Made by Ruffwear they are a 'domestic' version of the harnesses which SARDA dogs use and provide a safe 'handle' if you need to lift a dog or help them over a nasty bit.  Daisy might be used to her coats but she isn't used to a harness so I put it on her it today to see how she coped.  The answer, not surprisingly, was extremely well.  I'm not even sure she was aware of it once we got going.

In the shelter of the woods the bluebells smelled wonderful.

Wildlife large and small

Lunch with a view

The daily 'can I catch my tail?' mad moment

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