Thursday, 9 May 2013

Turf Transformation

It's all in the preparation and LP spent another four hours Tuesday morning digging out creeping buttercup, and raking and smoothing until the ground next to the Big Pond was unrecognisable from its former self.  The turf arrived mid-afternoon - all 110 square yards of the stuff.

My contribution to the morning's efforts was to start digging over an the section leading into the Coppice:

Daisy's contribution was negligible:

Two down, 108 to go:

By Tuesday teatime it looked very different, quite an achievement on the hottest day of the year.

Wednesday was another long day, thankfully much cooler and the threatened heavy rain was just a couple of brief showers.  It was an odd shape to turf and much time was spent cutting and tweaking.

More than a few 'pinch me' moments - is this Bag End, is this my garden, is this neat and tidy loveliness real?

LP finished off preparing the Coppice area and laying turf here was really quick.  Damn irritating to be two rolls short of completely finishing but that was remedied on Thursday morning with a quick trip to B&Q.

We spent the rest of Thursday preparing ground for an extension to the hornbeam hedge and putting up more willow screen to protect it.

Rain stopped play mid-afternoon and I was more than a little thankful for an early finish.  A great deal has been accomplished this week but it's been brutal and I am exhausted.

Daisy continues to be no horticultural assistance whatsoever  :}

(finally published on 18th June!)

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