Thursday, 16 May 2013

Stir crazy

Daisy does not understand convalescence and the fact that she has a badly bruised shoulder.   The only way to confine her would be to lock her in a crate and we're not going to do that unless absolutely necessary.  She does not understand don't run, or don't jump and certainly does not understand why she hadn't been for a walk since Monday.

On Thursday I let her have a half-hour stroll around the top of Harris Park.  She was not off the lead and we went at a very gentle pace with Mrs Sniffer Dog being allowed to take as much time as she wanted to investigate every scent and smell. I enjoyed the walk as much as she did, bluebells just starting to open, cherry blossom and a little sunshine, a good tonic for us both.

By the end of it she was ready to get back in the car for a drink and the regulation end-of-walk Bonio.  She was much happier and considerably more calm in the garden this afternoon.

(finally published on 22nd June!)

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