Friday, 3 May 2013


Stephen returned to finish the deck despite (I think) having a more than stiff back from being bent over all day yesterday fixing 1,000 screws into the boards.  We've decided that for now we will not fit the fascia panels, the deck looks great as it is and if we paint the edges of the frame black then it will appear to 'float'.  We can always change our minds later and if not the panels we bought will get used for something else:}

There are no photos .... bad Hobbit.

LP spent more time carefully raking and smoothing in preparation for 110 square yards of turf which is being delivered on Tuesday.  We thought we had until Thursday but that is not to be, next week is going to be busy!

Before he finished at midday he moved all the blocks out of the nursery area.

I know I want to use them for more cold frames, just haven't decided where so for now they are the neatest stack of concrete blocks you have ever seen.  Not sure what we'll do with all the pallets but I'm sure I will find a use for them!

Although these are all huge steps forward, the star of today and subject of the blog title was Daisy.  I had an errand in Keswick and took Madam with me.  After ten minutes at the slate yard (more on that next week) we went to the other side of town and had a short walk through the woods beneath Latrigg.

It was trying to rain, the cloud was low, the views were limited but it was a lovely stroll, made memorable by the fact that today was the first time DAISY DRANK FROM A STREAM!

Friends know up to now our little girl has been too scared of water to go near enough to be able to get a drink and I have been carrying a fabric bowl clipped to the back of my rucksack for her.  This afternoon, however, she walked up to this pool and started drinking before I realised what was happening.  Much fumbling to get the camera out in a hurry hence fairly substandard pictures.

She had a good, deep drink and then wandered on seemingly unconcerned by the momentous event which had just taken place.  Clever girl :}

     Wonderful views from the side of this little fell even in less than perfect weather. 


  1. Great news. Daisy is obviously feeling secure now and her trust is growing. It's so lovely to hear how happy she is.


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