Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Real gardening?

There are times when the nursery area looks wonderful all full of pots and plants, but that's rather missing the point.  Whilst it is OK for hardy seedlings and small perennials to live in the nursery until they are grown up enough to go and play with the big boys in the real garden (and be strong enough to survive Daisy jumping on them), for far too long there have been far too many plants sitting in limbo.

This week's resolution* was to get as much as possible out of the nursery and into the ground.  Well, I've managed the first half so far . . . the nursery is empty of all but a few bits & bobs that will get stood on if I move them to their final locations now.  They will have to wait a little while until some more construction is completed :}

    Looks a  bit pink here but in reality is a deep red, very pretty :}

Monday and Tuesday's plant hunting bounty was positioned first because, believe it or not, I had a place in mind for every perennial plant I'd purchased.  It was harder to find a location for some of the self-seeded silver birch that we've kept and a nice Rowan that was dug up from goodness-knows-where goodness-knows-when, but finally, with the exception of a small collection which are destined for the front area (but exact location still undecided), everything else has a home.


"All" I need now is a couple of undisturbed days to get them into the soil. 

    James' Primula denticulata doing really well next to the top pond, just need a couple of Astilbe tucked in behind them :}

* if you think I'm saying the four-lettered "P" word then think again!


  1. If that's a marsh marigold out on flower in your pond why is it out before ours?

    1. Hi Martyn, er um - because this is The Shire and magic happens? Because the top pond now has a lot of shelter from the willow fedge? Because I faked the photos? (NOT!)

      Better not show you the wide view as this is not the only one :}


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