Friday, 17 May 2013

Pre-party prep

I'll be glad when this family party is over;  30 or 40 visitors concentrates the mind wonderfully and is a great catalyst to get jobs finished but it's bluddy hard work.

LP did one full day this week and a "half day" which started at 3.30 and finished way past supper time.  I don't seem to have the motivation to take work in progress photos at present so there's no proper record of everything that was completed.  More bark chip was moved, particularly to the path at the back of the house.  That's all of the walkways re-covered and refreshed, feels lovely underfoot.

In what will be the vegetable patch LP dug over the soil in what will be the hedge, covered it with the well rotted contents of a compost bin and topped off the whole lot with old bark chips.  Now ready for me to plant apple trees and laurel and looking fab.

In the potager all the old bark chip was stripped off - some of it was so beautifully rotted as to be pure potting compost.  Half of it covered the veg patch bed, the other half went over what will be the front hedge.  LP then fixed new boards to the ends of the paths whilst Management ferried nearly 40 buckets of fresh chippings up the steps from the drive.

Too much shovelling of bark chip and pony poo has left both my forearms strained, my shoulders over-worked and with muscles which complain about picking up a coffee cup, let alone anything heavy in the garden so I was excused helping fix the remaining larch slab.  This acts as a retaining wall to the new front hedge and tidies up the view from the pavement. 

Despite sore arms I did more planting on the long side border - all the laurel are now in plus two wisteria.  The plan is for them to climb over the metal trellis and I have horticultural fantasies about sitting on the new deck, watching dragonflies hover over the pond with the scent of wisteria behind me.  But not this year, everything is at least a month late and the long range forecast for the next few months is no better than last year. 

I cut all the grass for the first time together with the verge opposite the house.

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