Thursday, 30 May 2013

Post-party holiday

Management's Mum and his Aunty stayed on for a few days after the party.  Although the weather wasn't perfect we never got completely rained off and were able to go out every day which they thoroughly enjoyed.

MM loves beaches and the sand dunes at Mawbray are a must whenever she visits.

A quick stop at Bassenthwaite lake.

Tuesday saw us at Ashness Bridge and then Surprise View  before going up to Watendlath.  Lovely place and we only ever go there to take visitors which is a shame because it's a good starting point for some nice walks.

On Wednesday we had a super trip to Rannerdale.  The bluebells are very good this year and we caught them at just the right time before the bracken starts growing.  A bit cold to get much scent but the colours were really intense.

There's always much gazing out of windows too :}

And then everyone went home, and we finished putting the house back to normal, and breathed out ... no lists, no deadlines, no pressure other than to look at the map on our kitchen wall and wonder where to go next :}


  1. Replies
    1. 78 and 80 y/old!

      It's amazing what a little encouragement can do - Management is an "enabler" and they trust him completely. When he tells his Mum "you can manage to walk along this" all of a sudden she can :}

  2. What a lovely day out. I envy you having that sort of walking country on your doorstep and hope I am still that sprightly at that age.

    1. It's one of the main reasons we moved up here. You don't have to slog up steep slopes to lofty summits to be in beautiful surroundings with great views.


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