Saturday, 11 May 2013

Normal service will be resumed ...

...  actually folks, I have no idea if and when normal service will be resumed because I don't have any flippin' idea what 'normal' is any more.

The Big Picture is that all is OK here, turf laid and looking superb, too tired to finish the blog post about it but I will when I can muster the energy to process photos.  Daisy is wonderful and has just completed her longest ever walk - 6½ miles through Whinlatter to Lord's Seat.  She did really well but was extremely tired the following day :}   Management has some big changes at work but he reckons they may make his life better, and certainly not worse although his travelling will not reduce in the near future.

I am mentally worn out, not just with preparing for our big party but with five years of constant slog, and just when we should be coming to the end of it I am now worrying about our tree-hating neighbour.

I used to be so organised and efficient, I don't know where that person has gone but she sure ain't here any more.  My Inbox runneth over.  That is not a good thing.  If you are a friend who really matters to me and your email requires more than a cursory two-liner in response then chances are you haven't heard from me in weeks/months.  Special people I haven't named (you know who you are), you all deserve a 'proper' email - one which takes a bit of care and thought.  My brain is way past the necessary care and thought.  My brain is fried, frazzled, burnt out. 

I'll be back when I'm in a better mood and a nicer person to be around.

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