Thursday, 2 May 2013

Caution: Men at Work

One of those 'huge days' at Bag End where after months of hard work, planning and preparation we suddenly come close to realising our plans.  As is so often the case, the more we do the fewer photographs I take.

LP arrived with a ton of marvellous top soil in his trailer, spread it on the new front bed in the Cottage Garden, went back to the yard to get a second and did it all again :}

Daisy was no help whatsoever.

Stephen measured and cut and drilled and screwed and by the end of a very long day, the Big Pond was transformed.

After shifting two tons of soil LP turned his attention to the ground between the Big Pond and the front curved bed.  It's time for turf so there was much raking and smoothing, and more raking, and then even more raking.

Bert delivered two lovely loads of stable muck.  We need to find the time to remove the back half of this bin (which is rotted and ready for use), and move the front to the back to make room for more.

Deck and lawn-to-be to be continued tomorrow ... but that was not all.  After a quick break for tea and toast, LP and Management then spent goodness-knows how many hours adding more larch slab to the edge of the front windbreak. By putting another row of slab above the two they've already installed we will be able to level the soil on the Cottage Garden side.  They ran out of time and energy before completely finishing but that section is 80' long - no small task.  Hobbit hasn't managed to photograph it yet.

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