Sunday, 26 May 2013

An ending and a beginning

After five years of near constant slog we have finished most of the main garden renovation so it is time to end the toil and get back to why we moved here in the first place, which was to fell-walk and enjoy the beauty and quality of life which is Cumbria.

The family party, although incredibly hard work and stressful, acted as a superb catalyst to get loads of jobs finished and whilst I didn't particularly enjoy the preceding two weeks Management and I get to enjoy the fruits of our labours for the rest of the summer and probably much longer!

The party was, in the main, a great success.  A couple of people couldn't make it at the last minute due to vehicle problems which is a great shame but those who did attend enjoyed the brightest, sunniest, warmest day of the year.  There was even a little sunburn.  I got to spend time with a couple of Management's cousins whom I'd never really met before and they were an absolute delight.

Daisy behaved beautifully and was friendly, gentle, and very patient with a 12 year-old who fell madly in love with our gorgeous girl and wouldn't leave her side all day!

Not everyone behaved quite so well, as is always the case at large '"do's".  One person with whom I had hoped to sit down and chat with hit the ground running on arrival wine box she'd brought with her which set the scene for the rest of her day.  Someone else drank far more than was good for him and made the mistake of being extremely rude to me.  I am now way too old and grey to put up with that sort of crap in my own home and told him so, in no uncertain terms.  He left early and is unlikely to return to Bag End.  Ever.  This is more than a little upsetting and I did a fair amount of crying the following day, these people are Management's family and I take no pleasure from the fact that some of them don't seem like me very much. 

His Mum and Aunty stayed on for a few days after the party and we had a very good time quietly bimbling around.  Slightly limited by the weather and guests in their 8th decade we didn't venture far, however it was lovely to be tourists on our own patch visiting the beach, Honister, Watendlath and Rannerdale.

Photos to follow, there are rather a lot to sort through!

(finally published on 4th July)


  1. Of course it will never be 'finished' - but that you can sit out and finally enjoyed your endeavours is a red letter day indeed.

    Well done, m'dear - you deserve every tiny bit of smugness that you can cram into your Hobbit shoes!

    Having asked for close up of the borders, can I ask for something else too? (might have to duck & run here)...

    It would be lovely to see a series of pics of the same bits of Bag End both 'now' and '5 years ago'.

    Oh - and thank you for updating the 'finding your way round Bag End' page - facsinatin' stuff.

    1. Drat, just typed a long reply and lost it (which is nothing to losing all my emails ... but more of that later!)

      Thanks for the nice words, I always appreciate the time you take to leave comments {hug}.

      Once again we are in synch so no ducking and running needed. I had already thought that a series of pictures showing the development of different areas would be a fun thing to collate. No promises on time-scale though :}


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