Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Accidents happen . . .

A lovely Monday, long and tiring but very lovely.  I decided that regardless of the weather I was going to tidy up the mess/dumping ground that is the covered area between the shed & log store, and straighten up the nursery.

And I did.  And it took all day but it was worth it.  I'm particularly pleased with the new netting which makes the nursery 'shade roof'.  A 2m wide piece is much tidier than the two 1m strips I used before.  Had to dodge a few showers but deciding to wear waterproofs all day helped.

The green box is a present from LP.  He bought this in a sale three years ago, never did anything with it and now wants to clear his garage out.  It's going to make a fabulous upright cold-frame in the nursery.

The soak in a hot bath after dinner was great but the day went rapidly downhill at 11.00pm when I let Her Ladyship out for her bedtime comfort stop.  She streaked down the garden chasing goodness-knows-what and before I could follow there was a crash followed by a shrieking, wailing Daisy.  I caught up with her at the big log pile; gash in her head, refusing to put one leg on the ground.

A conversation with the emergency vet concluded that the cut could wait until tomorrow and once the shock wore off, Daisy was prepared to put weight on her leg and let us examine it;  thankfully not broken.

I held out for an appointment with Clare the following morning rather than see the first available vet.  By the time we got to the surgery Daisy was much happier even rolling on her back on the waiting room floor!  Clare is sensible and doesn't dispense unnecessary treatment.  30 seconds with a tube of superglue and Daisy's head was looking much better.  A week of rest, minimal exercise and Loxicom should do the rest.

Three days later - healing really well.

** We've subsequently worked out that in the dark Daisy crashed into the log pile hitting it so hard that she broke the piece of wood which cut her head.  An inch to the right and she would have lost her eye, doesn't bear thinking about.  I reckon she then smashed her shoulder into the timber, did a barrel roll (which explains why she was covered in bark chip) and started shrieking once upright. 

(finally published on 22nd June!)

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