Monday, 6 May 2013

A very busy bank Holiday

An extremely busy Bank Holiday for Management and Hobbit in preparation for the next Bank Holiday which is going to be even busier.  At a family funeral last year everyone was doing the usual "it's so good to see you, if only we got together for something other than a funeral" so we decided to do something about it and invited every single member of "Clan Management" to a party.  We were more than a little shocked when every single person said 'yes'.  A deadline like this concentrates the mind beautifully which is why we're going a bit nuts to get a few jobs finished up.

There was much painting of garden furniture, black seems to be the "house colour" and Management build the four new benches we recently acquired when Dobbies were having a huge discount weekend.  It is unlikely that some/all of the benches will end up in these places long-term, but it will do for now.

Spare timber now neatly piled in the nursery so we can use the small patio area in the Cottage Garden.

Not to LP's standard and not finished but I've put in another section of path leading to the new deck which makes us see that we can have a small bed at the end of this bit of lawn (where the empty pots are piled up).  Perfect sheltered place for the lovely Japanese Acers which I told Management he couldn't have in this garden.  They are one of his favourite plants but get badly shredded in the wind, however, this little corner might just give them enough protection.

Loving the new deck which shows Daisy's muddy pawprints perfectly :}

There was even a breezy Sunday afternoon walk on the dunes at Mawbray where Daisy excelled by having another drink al fresco.  There was also admirable restraint on my part during a brief interaction with some idiot who informed me authoritatively that Daisy was three-quarters Collie, did not need a coat and the only reason the dog let me "dress her up" was psychological conditioning.  I flippin' hate know-it-all women who go forth and spout complete crap about dogs when they don't know half of the facts or any of the story.  She had more opinions which she didn't keep to herself and I was the model of restrained English manners, just muttered inconsequentially and walked off.  However, it touched a nerve and on the next occasion I get someone pontificating like this there is a very real chance they are going to get told to 'go forth and multiply'.

A chance conversation with a neighbour resulted in the offer of "some spare bits of hawthorn" which turned out to be a hazel with a huge root system, a couple of ferns and half a dozen good sized hawthorns in individual pots, one of which is almost a small tree.  Rolled sleeves up, knuckled down and had a major planting session.

By the end of Monday not only the 'gifts' planted out, but all the new plants for the Coppice which, if I say so myself, is looking fan-bloomin'-tastic!


  1. Just catching up with you! Don't know why I don't have you updated in my blog, I will go and investigate!! Might be the thing we talked about before and I haven't 'added' you my end.

    Everything is looking fab! Almost makes me want to start gardening again. Perhaps I should! lol. And as for Daisy. What a superb little lady she is. You've certainly found a heart dog there. Woofy sniffs to her from my three!!

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for the lovely comment. I am remiss too - haven't been checking in to friends' blogs recently either. Daisy would woof back to your three but she is still curled up in her bed, a little too early in the day for Madam to have made an appearance.

  2. Catching up on your posts Bilbo and all amazing. Loving Daisy is doing so well now and the garden is looking fantastic. I've been slack just lately, not too well, but will catch up by email, maybe this weekend. The views of course are fantastic and looking very green. We've had less than half our rainfall so far, so still quite dry.

    1. Susan, thanks as always for your comment. Hope you are feeling better now.

  3. You have been busy folk lately and it all looks like it's coming together nicely. you won't know what to do with yourselves soon!

    1. I know ~exactly~ what to do when the garden is no longer a full time job. Daisy and I have just returned from 6½ miles at Whinlatter, her longest walk so far. It was a damn good outing :}

      We'll have to arrange one at Carrock.


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