Friday, 26 April 2013

The day dawned bright and clear

What a change to the previous couple of days.  LP arrived at 8.00am bright-eyed and keen to work; he spent Wednesday & Thursday at his 'other job' which has involved much sitting around waiting for nothing to happen.  He announced first thing that he wanted to do a 'proper' day's work - no complaints here.

Whilst he stripped off the rest of the old bark chips, I walked Daisy.  Madam and I returned to the very welcome sight of nearly all the old stuff moved to the big curved bed at the front.

Despite being driven inside a couple of times by showers we succeeded in moving what is essentially a thick layer of mulch across the entire bed and then planted the four yews along with a self-seeded copper beech. This must be a seedling from the huge trees in the nearby churchyard and although there is no chance of me living long enough to see the plant get to the size of its parent I am going to enjoy watching it try:}

Every garden (supposedly) has a problem corner and this is mine.  Since we took the leylandii out and let the light in it has been weed paradise and even with windbreak netting the plants get thrashed and nothing seems to be growing well.  Once established it will be our main shelter belt but in a chicken-and-egg situation, we're having trouble establishing the shelter belt because of the weather we need it to shelter us from. Just got to keep at it, surely eventually all the rotted pony poo, mulch and TLC will have an effect?   However, adding the yew has already made a huge difference visually (although it's not apparent in this picture) and a thick mulch of chippings might help me keep on top of the weeds. 

I think the other problem in this area is that right now everywhere is so brown, most plants are a month or so late coming into leaf.  What will help improve the look immensely is getting turf on the soil between the Big Pond and this bed but until the ground dries out a bit so we can finish the soil preparation that is going to have to wait.

More progress after lunch as the second row of larch slab was fixed into place in the vegetable patch without me having to work by moonlight :}

Finally, the piles which have been on the Cottage Garden lawn for far, far too long were distributed over one side of the new front bed.  The grass is trashed, once again, but it's recovered from far worse in the past and will probably do so again.

I bailed out to do the weekly shop but before he left LP moved loads more chippings, not much more to do before all the paths are relaid and refreshed.

You get three of this picture because Daisy was busy killing the rugby ball (again)and looking very cute whilst doing so.

Happy day, it feels like we have really turned a corner.  After the coldest March on record Spring is finally here, plants are just starting to grow (note to self, take some photos of newly emerged plants and do a post to serve as a record), and after months/years of preparation in most of the garden the end is in sight and I can see a time when the heavy work and construction is completed and "all" I have to do is play with plants.


  1. I must admit, the playing with plants and layouts is the best bit. Love the daffs outside the fence and boy you've been so busy, but it's coming along a treat.

    1. Susan, the construction has gone on for so long that actually working with plants seems strange! Thank you for the lovely comments, glad you like what we are doing.

  2. No doubt those weeds are making the most of being able to see daylight at last!

    1. Sue, I think disturbing the soil and bringing years of seeds up to the surface caused most of the problems (and my being busy elsewhere and not dealing with them promptly didn't help).


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