Thursday, 25 April 2013

Snow days?

Thankfully, not really snowed-in, but a couple of days when the weather decided to change and therefore my plans had to be completely amended too.  On the agenda had been to finish planting the free bulbs I scored last week, plus the yew which LP dug up on Tuesday, together with some of the far too many plants in the nursery. The wind and rain had other ideas.

No bad thing really, I was badly overdue some house-based time where I can catch up with domestic stuff and just chill out.  Management was in London and the friend most likely to drop in knew that I was having a couple of "AWOL days" when I didn't want to be disturbed.

Lots of help from Management at the weekend moving furniture back to where it belongs means we've nearly got the house straight after decorating - only took five months from starting the kitchen and boot room to getting finished, which is way too long, but that's how things seem to go round here.  I flatly refuse to have any more major work done until next year at the earliest; we spent twice as much as I hoped we would on the last refit and I am sick to death of the disorganisation, mess and having tradesmen in and out of the house.  Is it wrong to want to spend time being "me" and bimbling around in the garden, walking Daisy and (ssshhhhhh, say it quietly) maybe even doing some sewing?

I had a couple of sessions in the greenhouse and have potted up the remaining bulbs from last week's "free haul".  Also planted this year's tomato seed.

Am extremely pleased with how my first sowings are doing - this is "Fiesta Popcorn" from Suttons, part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution collection, 100% germination!

I also discovered a carrier bag of forgotten 'February Gold' narcissus bulbs in the shed.  If there was a RSPCP* inspector in the neighbourhood then I'm sure I would be guilty-as-charged.  It is amazing to look at these little bulbs and see how desperately they have tried to grow despite no soil, no water and no light.  Yes, I am ashamed of myself :{

They look pretty knackered at present but a few weeks of TLC should see an improvement and I'll put them in the ground later in the year.

Close to home, Mr Clutter has paid the village handyman to cut down a load of overgrown hawthorn and elder on the open ground behind our house.  It's a no-mans-land of uncertain ownership but I'm not going to get involved in whether he should have or not (a neighbour tells me this isn't the first time he's done this).  We're shaking our heads and wondering why because it won't improve his view of the fells or the river but will give him a much better view of the back of our log store and the compost bins. It also lets far more light into that corner of the garden which our vegetable patch will benefit from.

I'm obviously still not on his Christmas Card list - the handyman stopped working to talk to me when Daisy and I went past and Mr Clutter stormed out of his house and shouted at me to "stop talking to him because I'm paying for this".

(I know I said it was raining - cleared up at the end of the day!)

I can't shake the nagging feeling that he's going to turn his attention to our gorgeous purple leaved Acer next.

* Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Plants?



  1. Love the determined daffodils.

    We are still in a mess but have started putting paper on now!

    Love they neighbour :)

    1. Thanks Sue, the daffodils are already a little less yellow and slightly more green. Glad your decorating is progressing.

  2. Can't believe those bulbs!!! The view is lovely, but he must be horrific. Hope he doesn't touch your acer, as I have three and will post some photos as they are turning for autumn. I did pick some leaves and pop them in a container last night.

    1. Thank you Susan, people are strange creatures :} This neighbour has never been particularly nasty to me, and whilst I am concerned about the acer (it is directly in his sightline), it is also completely within our property boundary and in English law one has no 'right' to a view. He might want it gone but there is nothing he can do to make that happen.

    2. I'd be planting MORE trees between you and Mr. Clutter... quick growing crabs or multi-trunked acers. Have you ever thought about bamboo?

    3. Fear not Kris, trees are planned :} In fact, they are more than planned - they're sitting in pots in the nursery waiting for LP to help me prepare the ground.

      It is unlikely I will plant bamboo - can't stand the stuff.

    4. There's a dense thicket of bamboo on a nearby property. Don't know the variety. It's about 15' tall and even in dead of winter, it keeps it's leaves (pale gold) then sheds those in spring and becomes dense green. I don't know if it's the spreading kind, but oh how I lust after all those 10' canes.

      What kind of trees are you planting?

    5. Kris, I have two Braeburn apple trees waiting for their new home. Apples in a vegetable patch just seem right ... and they are so very pretty when in blossom.

  3. There's always one, isn't there? They can't have much going on in their lives if they have to behave that way towards people, that's what I tell myself. It's usually me who leaves bulbs in their packets, I've surprised myself this year, they've all be planted and are putting on a lovely display. I'll probably find some in the shed now I've said that.

    1. Jo, well done for being a far better Bulb Mum than me!

      We think just the same about our neighbour and most times I actually feel sorry for him - over the years he's fallen out with nearly everyone in our little hamlet.


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