Saturday, 20 April 2013

Progress with a Capital 'P', and mild hypothermia

Friday lunchtime; not quite sure what came over me.  Could have been euphoria brought on by the decorator leaving half a day earlier than expected and taking the infernal radio with her?  Anyway, whatever the cause, the effect was to get outside absolutely determined to finally sort out the unsightly pond liner edge of the Big Pond.

When Management came out at teatime to see what was going on he found two-thirds of the edge covered and a fairly knackered Hobbit determined to keep going!  Needless to say I didn't get it finished that night but Management succeeded in touching up the paint on nearly all of the steel decking frame in readiness for the boards to be laid as soon as the carpenter is free.

Daisy hung around in a supervisory capacity, it was so warm that for once Her Ladyship didn't have a coat on.

Good reason to leave the blanketweed where it is - tadpoles are eating it!

Thankfully Saturday was dry and bright and we were able to get an early start.  Management asked if I'd mind putting waders on to paint the furthest edge of the frame which hangs over the water.  Not a problem and task completed quickly without incident.  As I was in the water it seemed like a good idea to stay there and plant out some of the Marsh Marigolds grown from saved seed last summer.  What was probably about half an hour later I realised I was feeling really weird*, couldn't concentrate, fumbling with simple tools, felt absolutely exhausted and was hating what I was doing even though everything was going really well.  Management had disappeared out of ear-shot but fortunately I had the sense to crawl out of the pond before I got any worse; I've never suffered from any degree of hypothermia whilst fell-walking but I know the symptoms of its onset.

Once I'd thawed out, stop shivering and recovered from the deep unpleasantness of core body temperature falling below normal I finished laying the hanging basket liner around the pond edge.  It's going to need a lot of blending in and I had to raid the huge log pile to find the right wood but it's progress and one more difficult job that I hope never to have to do again.

It also meant I no longer needed piles of stones and timber next to the pond so all the stone has been dumped under the decking (frog habitat?) and all the spare timber was moved up to the log store, cut to length and stacked ready for next winter.  I cleared all the rubbish wood that was laying around the vegetable patch as well which makes things look much, much tidier.  I realise that to some folk this pile is nothing like tidy but it's an order of magnitude neater than anything which has gone before.

It is also 'des. res.' to a blackbird who has ignored the purpose- built box 12" away and set up home under canvas.

That was quite enough garden work for one Saturday so Daisy and I rounded off the afternoon with a breezy stroll up Ling Fell before supper.

* OK, more weird than usual!

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