Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Channeling Bridget Bardot?

What a week, only half way through but I am completely exhausted.  Not so much from the amount I've done myself but from the cumulative impact of having people in the house (and the garden, and the loft and on the phone).  I'm not complaining, not even grumbling, I know perfectly well how wonderful it is that I live and garden at Bag End and another week of progress both indoors and out is nothing to sniff it.  However, I realised a long time ago that having people in to help us just drains the life out of me.  On too many occasions this week I have thought of Bridget Bardot and her often quoted "I want to be left alone".  Actually, that's not quite all of it,  I'd like Silence as well please, the endless chatter accompanied by the decorator's radio playing gently in the background is doing my head in.

I'm in tidy-up mode in the garden.  I cleared out the access to our second IBC tank, it had become a dumping ground and I couldn't get to the water tank if I wanted to.  Moving my large supply of potting compost single-handed probably wasn't the brightest thing to do but it's done.  Now "all" I have to do is get it closer to/into the greenhouse.

A generous covering of chippings provides instant gratification so I did the same to the arbor.  The six barrows of rotted stuff which I moved were full of worms and make a lovely addition to the long front bed.

In an 'oops' moment I noticed that the willow cloche I made in January which has been protecting a Gunnera manicata has started to grow.  Thankfully the Gunnera has started to grow so the cloche is out of the soil until the willow has dried completely.

The rest of the day was full of phone calls, playing with Daisy and goodness knows what else.  I know it was NOT full of relaxing, sitting down, reading, sewing or any other restorative activity.  Nor did it include planting out the rest of yesterday's 'free haul'.

Fran continued painting the kitchen and day room resulting in everywhere being topsy turvy and in a mess.

Glen installed two outside lights which will illuminate some of the Cottage Garden at night.  It got too wet for him to complete the wiring so he'll be back when the weather improves.

LP arrived early having already collected a ton of top soil which he's used to fill up the bed behind the big pond decking.  Now I can plant the rest of the laurel and the two lovely Wisteria we bought last weekend.

In a moment of supremely wonderful timing, the pond decking arrived as we finished sweeping out the trailer.  After going to the trouble of fitting a steel frame that would not rot we decided to go with composite decking boards that have a 25 year guarantee.  Manufactured by Ecodek, a small British company who have been really helpful, the boards look wonderful and it's going to be brilliant to finally sit above the Big Pond and look at that wonderful view.

LP then turned his attention to the messy pile of wood by the shed although rain stopped play and before we could cut everything the a storm moved in and changed everything.  We realised that the back fence was in danger of collapsing - again.  The wind was so strong (reported gusts of 60mph) that one of the horizontal rails had ripped out of its fixings; left as it was there would have been no fence standing by tomorrow morning.  Bless LP, he shot home to get his post-wacker and in driving wind & rain hammered in five new posts*.  Around this time I realised I should have put full waterproofs on about two hours earlier . . .

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Daisy has ventured outside as little as possible today and the pair of us spent the evening curled up in front of the woodburner listening to the wind rage outside.  The wind was as strong as it has ever been here, the fire roared even with the dampers down and I sent up many silent prayers for the back fence . . .

* I knew there was a reason I over-ordered when we did the windbreak netting at the front, I just didn't know what it was at the time !


  1. A real hive of activity with workers everywhere. That's a sign of a green fingered gardener when the cloches start to grow!

    1. Not just green-fingered but green thumbs too?

  2. Wow, that was a week! I'm not comfortable with lots of people in my home either, but then I've only ever had the kitchen done, everything else we've done ourselves.
    The garden is really starting to come together, so hopefully the weather will pick up a little and it will be nicer to work in.


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