Sunday, 14 April 2013

Be careful what you wish for

I wanted some rain for the garden and a day where the weather encouraged us to be indoors so we could tackle some household jobs, and after the painting and Karcher-ing session yesterday both of us had stiff backs that didn't want to be outside again. Although we didn't have too much rain I lay awake half the night listening to the wind raging.  It was a pleasant surprise on Sunday morning to find that only one of the obelisks had blown over.  (I moved them into position late yesterday whilst Management was packing up the Karcher.)

Daisy is singularly unimpressed with these conditions and had to be forcibly dragged outside at 10.00am for a pee, after which she raced to the door and insisted on coming back in.  Having to toilet outside in wind & rain is obviously outwith the Terms & Conditions which Daisy lives by. 

Management volunteered for the foul task of heating the old floor tiles to melt the adhesive and we then laid cheap vinyl over the whole area as a temporary fix.  Hobbit discovered hitherto unknown skills in vinyl-wrangling.  Sometime next year when we have the kitchen window replaced we'll get round to new flooring for both rooms, until then, this will do fine.

Perhaps we have too many coats* but getting the coat racks back up made the biggest difference to getting straight again.  I've painted them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and whilst I was eventually pleased with the colour (sample pots of old white, old ochre and cream dumped in a pot together) I'm less than impressed with the finish even after a couple of coats of wax.  It will do for now, when I've more time and the inclination I'll take them down one at a time, repaint and get new hooks.

Curtains to alter, seat cushions to make but we're getting there and it's already looking and feeling a million times better than before we started.

Whilst laying out the vinyl in order to re-roll it an idea occurred ... one day the sitting room carpet will need to be replaced, wonder what Daisy would think of that?  She certainly didn't think much of us being busy all day.

As if that were not enough fun for one Sunday, we also stripped out the kitchen and the day room.  Fran has space in her schedule so we're having more painting done next week.

* or perhaps we just have an appropriate selection of outdoor jackets for different conditions :}


  1. That vynil looks a lot like mine. We laid it in the kitchen, dining area, familyroom and entry. We couldn't afford anything else but most people comment how nice it looks, so it is there to stay.
    Daisy definitely has the right idea about outside ablutions, as I remember when I was little (a long time ago), we had an outside loo till I was ten.
    Love the obelisks.

    1. Thanks Susan, we had vinyl in high traffic areas at our previous house and it stood up to the heavy wear of Ollie's feet (and toe nails) brilliantly, and unlike solid wood or laminate, the dogs don't slip on it.

  2. We have a similar vinyl in our allotment shed - don't laugh!

    1. I wouldn't dream of even sniggering. My shed has carpet AND vinyl!


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