Monday, 1 April 2013

An unexpected visit from the Easter Bunny

OK, not exactly the Easter Bunny but it was a pleasant surprise when Mike turned up early this morning to finish grinding out the stumps in the vegetable patch.  Last time he tried the grinder battery was completely flat so Management plugged it into a conditioner/charger for a few days and all should have been well.

It wasn't, the battery was completely dead and jump starting off my little tractor failed.  We just happened to have ... as you do ... an old car battery in the shed and that had enough charge in it to get started.  It took longer for the men to mess around with jump leads and spanners than it took to grind out one giant leylandii stump and a medium sized silver birch next to a fairly large cherry.

As is often the case when I'm in the garden and Management is in the garage we got interrupted a couple of times by passing neighbours who came in for a chat and a wander around Bag End although one arrived bearing a HUGE bucket of frog spawn for the Big Pond so we didn't mind.  The rest of the day was spent moving chippings around.  Management filled lots of the buckets, bless him, and I emptied them.

The other half of the nursery area is now looking very smart and feels great underfoot.  Still have to fix the windbreak netting and the half shelf needs more supports.

Laid more black membrane behind the log store, this part of the garden is always damp and muddy as water drains off the grassed area.  Daisy is pleased I've tidied this section up as she spends a lot of time trying to see if she can find mice under those extra log piles!

Also spread fresh chippings along as much of the 'back path' (behind the laurel hedge) as we have completed so far.  For the first time we can now walk the full length of the back fence either for access or just for the fun of it.  I suspect once Daisy learns she can sprint back and forth along this I may regret making it so easy.

And on the odd occasions I stopped for a breather, the view wasn't too shabby :}


  1. I bet you're glad to see the stumps go!

  2. I don't envy all the work, but I do envy that view!

  3. Love that view, but hate the thought of the bark chippings as here in Victoria, the blackbirds would have it spread far and wide. They are a terrible nuisance. I do envy your nursery area.

  4. Doesn't everyone keep a random old car battery in their garage then?! How odd!
    Impressive amounts of work been going on up there m'dear...all whilst I've been lurking indoors because of snow, bittingly cold winds and sheer apathy! Plans are afoot for the rest of my easter break though - and I started well today by washing last years' pots and trays...I'll get there!

  5. Sue G - wonderful to get rid of the stumps - you saw how huge they were!

    Roddie - lovely to hear from you, sorry I am so carp at keeping in touch by email. When are you stopping by to enjoy the view again?

    Susan - and what makes you think English blackbirds don't chuck the bark around? They do and I don't mind at all, we have very little slug damage and I'm sure it's because there are so many happy birds here :}

    Nutty - Doesn't everyone keep a random old car battery in their garage Well, they do if they have a Management around who doesn't like to throw away anything which might be useful in future. Please keep mentioning your pot washing exploits and shame me into getting mine done!


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