Sunday, 31 March 2013

The miracle continues

Daisy has such a hard life - she either goes for walks in the greatest National Park in England or has to endure days outside in the garden with me, her time divided between sitting watching the world go by and chasing maniacally after a ball.  Today we were due a fellwalk but the morning was spent in the garden.  Another miracle as I actually managed to do all of what I set out to accomplish.  Cleared all the semi-rotted bark chip from the other half of the nursery area, tidied up the pallet staging and moved everything out of the greenhouse into the nursery.

Although I hate to do it, the greenhouse needed to be emptied so I could burn a sulphur candle.  Horrible, toxic things but the last two years I've had bad infestations of greenhouse whitefly. 

Another small miracle is the view from the vegetable patch.  Until LP cleared this area of shrubs and assorted detritus it was somewhere we couldn't access - finding we had this view across to the fells was a heck of a surprise.

After lunch Daisy and I went over to Sale Fell which, surprisingly, was not busy for a Bank Holiday.  The wind was brisk and bitter but that didn't seem to deter Her Ladyship when we found a large snowdrift against a fell wall.  It's extremely difficult to throw snowballs for an ice-mad dog AND take pictures at the same time.  For a little girl who remains very worried about water she's got no qualms when the stuff is cold and solid.


  1. How neat. Miss Daisy does seem to be enjoying herself, and I'm sure that makes you smile. Happy Day.

    1. Thanks FFG, yes, it's a joy to see Daisy having fun like this. Happy Easter to you too :}


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