Friday, 15 March 2013

More presents than Christmas? [part two]

continued . . . 

Thankfully LP was on hand, and bored silly because he's doing nothing but driving so he was quite happy to do 'second shift' after his day job.  He decided he could get nearly two loads into the (thankfully empty) compost bin bay.  If you think arguing with a Determined Hobbit is a waste of time then arguing with a determined LP is even more stupid.  I filled barrows, he emptied them.  Long story sideways, he was right - you can get two wagon loads into a very small space (especially when you stand on top of the pile and keep jumping on it to compress things!)

He wasn't ready to stop so using the tractor we took about half the remaining yew/leylandii pile into the Cottage Garden.  Compared to the 'new' stuff, these chippings won't last long on a path, in fact, they're already starting to heat up and break down.  We are going to chuck them into the new bed at the front where they'll help build up the soil by adding humus once rotted.   

We stopped just before 7.00 by which time it was freezing cold and dark enough that, for the first time, I found there is a reason for the little tractor having headlights!

     Subsequently I made a start on moving old and well-rotted bark out of the nursery area, that's the pile on the right together with the pots from last year's failed tomato crop which have finally been evicted from the greenhouse.  The weather's been horrible ever since so that's another job half-completed, sigh.

On Wednesday I arranged for the chippings to go to our horse-owning friends up the road. Thursday brought just one load at lunch although I think there was even more in this wagon than the previous ones :}

Two deliveries on Friday and our over-sized driveway is looking satisfyingly full of shreddings!   There is still room to park our cars and the gates close so what's not to like - we're confusing a few of the neighbours though, but there is nothing new about that.

Unfortunately the weather has put paid to any further progress. It's either been raining so the ground is saturated, or we've had snow that lasts less than two hours and leaves the ground saturated and horribly sticky. As there is nothing I can do about the weather I've had a blitz on the inside of the house and there's been an unusual amount of cleaning, tidying and a HUGE pile assembled for transfer to the Hospice at Home charity shop.


  1. Wow, you have been busy and looks like it is all coming together nicely. Certainly was a windfall.

  2. Thanks Susan, the work really starts now - it's all got to be moved!

  3. Just when we think we are starting to dry out we get more wet stuff. We are moving onto decorating the living room to keep our minds off what is going on outside.

  4. Ah, good. At least SOMEone is getting stuff done! Happy Spring.

  5. Sue - that's desperate if you're voluntarily doing more decorating :{

    Kris, it still all has to be moved and we can't do that whilst the ground is so wet and sticky, so not getting anything like as much done as I want.

  6. "Not getting anything like as much done as I want." Oh my dear, NOBODY could EVER get as much done as YOU want to get done! The rest of us are only human, after all. *tee hee* Pace yourself!

  7. Thanks Kris, although it might not look like it, I really have eased off a bit :}

  8. Our tree men shredded into the wood when they were here so I keep going to retrieve barrows full for the garden. Too good to waste!

  9. LL, glad you have access to it. Hope no-one else nips in there and liberates it whilst you are not looking.

  10. We had someone stop and ask about the wood lying on the ground saying he had a wood burner and was having problems obtaining a supply of wood now so many people have them!

  11. Excellent progress.

    We have a couple of inches of snow that looks like it will hang around for most of the week, so no visit to the Hill this weekend. The seedlings are just starting to show themselves on the windowsills - have you done anything in the greenhouse yet?

    1. Oh Hazel, the greenhouse is my bête noire at present ... I keep trying to get out there and give it a damn good clean prior to this year's season but haven't got very far. Deliberately not sown anything yet - far too cold and stuff generally catches up :}


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