Friday, 15 March 2013

More presents than Christmas? [part one]

It's been an amazing few days and I'm having more than a few 'pinch me' moments at our good fortune.  Last Thursday, our tree surgeon friend was working in a nearby garden and came and asked "if it would be OK" if he emptied the trailer of shreddings? Somewhere between 6 and 8 cubic metres of shredded leylandii and yew and maybe some laurel thrown in for good measure - and for free.  Yes of course it would be OK although try as I might he would not take petrol money.

Whilst Mike was here we started talking, as you do, and I asked if he had access to a digger small enough to get through the 120cm access to our vegetable patch.  "Afraid not" he said "but the stump grinder's on the back of my trailer".  Which is how, completely out of the blue on Monday, 80% of the stumps were removed in about half an hour - amazing!

Unfortunately he ran out of time to do it all but left the grinder by our shed because it was quicker to park it than take it home.  Works for me, as long as I have the grinder 'hostage' I know he'll eventually come back to finish the job.

On Monday I made a start on the new bark paths, takes longer to put the black membrane down than to cover it.  If I'd known what was about to start arriving on the driveway I wouldn't have used Thursday's delivery - it's got lots of 'green' in it and will rot down very quickly so eventually it will all be scooped up, moved and replaced but at the time it was the right thing to do.

On Tuesday the bounty just kept coming, and coming.  Mike has a contract nearby to clear an area of sycamore and other saplings.  Coming to us at lunchtime to empty the trailer is a round trip of 15 minutes and not many miles.  Going back to his own site to empty would take over an hour, 40 miles, and nothing can be shredded whilst the vehicle is gone. 

I had one delivery at midday and another at teatime.  That's a LOT of shredded wood and despite making good progress on the next section of path I wasn't making a lot of headway in moving the ever expanding pile. 

. . . to be continued


  1. Hoping your stumps have been ground by now.

  2. Sadly not Sue, Mike's been busy and when he did get here the grinder wouldn't start!

  3. Those paths will be a joy to walk on!

  4. They are LL, far too often they are the only part of the garden which is dry enough to walk on and mud-free :}

  5. Aaah, I envy your chippings mountain Bilbo!
    It's all looking good - and so many changes since we visited last May! I'll get round to doing something here when the snow goes.....we've only had two decent days working in the garden this winter! :-P

    1. Tee hee Nutty, the Bag End Bark Mountain! You probably don't want to hear that I moved a bit of it today - giving the nursery area a revamp and tidy up. Bitterly cold wind but it was lovely to be outside for a few hours.


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