Monday, 11 March 2013

Just a 'normal' Bag End Monday

It would be reasonable to think that the valley floor would be sheltered but down by the river today it was bitterly cold and more than a little breezy.  We had the unusual experience of walking in bright sunshine whilst the wind drove thick snow horizontally into our faces.  I might have wanted to walk up Sale Fell this morning but I don't think either Daisy or I would have enjoyed it had we gone there. 

A couple of Oyster Catchers, a big heron and numerous ducks.  Two swans flew in with the snow, probably the same ones Daisy got a bit close to last week.

The end of the walk was unpleasantly 'eventful'.  I couldn't get out of the field because all the ewes had congregated around the gate with their babies and were not in the mood to get out of the way.  There also seemed to be a tup in there and he definitely wasn't to be argued with.

Fortunately I had a Plan B but that involved a bit of a trek and then climbing over a small wall to get back onto the road.  At which point I bumped into a friend walking her neighbour's border terrier.  Friend had a nearly dead lamb under her coat and was trying to warm it up.  Long story sideways - I had the farmer's phone number on my mobile, friend stayed at field, I walked both dogs home, took terrier to it's house, jumped in car to go and collect friend by which time the farmer had arrived and taken lamb.

And all before 10.30. I found out subsequently that the lamb looked like it had been bitten on the shoulder and that another was found dead this morning and the suspect is a local fox.  This might explain why the ewes were so unhappy, and they've since been taken back to the lambing shed.  Of course, the culprit could be a dog, there are far too many stupid people around here who don't think their dog will ever do any harm; I once met a woman who said of her sheep-chasing hound "oh she doesn't mean anything, she just wants to play with the little lambs".  There are some people who really shouldn't be allowed to keep animals ... sigh.

The rest of the day, whilst absolutely freezing, passed relatively quietly and I managed a couple of hours in the garden despite the snow.  Black membrane was laid on part of the path which Geoff scraped out recently and covered with shreddings.  I'll move the log edge as soon as the new stuff has been walked on and compacted.  Also made a start on raking up the bark from the Coppice path which doesn't have membrane underneath and I want to fix that.  Daisy was unimpressed that she spent much of the afternoon inside but with it snowing on and off I thought it too cold for Her Ladyship to stand around.  The woodburner was lit and doing its thing quietly with the dampers shut so I don't think it was too much of a hardship for her :}


  1. Must admit stupid dog owners annoy me.We saw someone 'walking; a couple of large dogs in the new Forst at ground bird nesting time. The signs said keep dogs on leads but these two were bounding about and came charging up to us. Our little dog was terrified and the owner shouted they won't hurt you to which I shouted back - try explaining that to her! I guess it's why dogs are banned in so many places which makes responsible owners suffer too.

  2. I hope the rescued lamb survives. It's so irresponsible of owners to let their dogs off their leads around livestock, you can never predict what they'll do in certain situations no matter how well you think you know them. Not only that but farm animals can be spooked by them and act out of character.

  3. I agree about some dog owners being irresponsible and do hope the little lamb survives. The garden is coming along nicely and I have posted the magnolia now in flower. Love the snowy fells.

  4. Thanks girls, unfortunately there will always be a small minority of idiots who spoil things for everyone else. Although I know the farmer concerned I don't see him very often but if I find out about the lamb I'll let you know.


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