Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Flowery stuff

Despite the endless winter and bitter wind there are flowers at Bag End.  The heather bed on the driveway is in full bloom but the bumblebees are not here to take advantage of the early flowers as in previous years.  I saw one bee about a fortnight ago but nothing since.

This time last year the Coppice was virtually unplanted.  At the moment it is one of my favourite places in the garden.  The hellebores have been brilliant and it's exciting to think how they might perform in the future as the plants become more established. A couple have even managed to set seed which is remarkable considering how few insects there are around at present.

Primula vulgaris grown from Sue's seed

Crab Apple - Malus 'Evereste'


  1. You'll now be able to collect even more seeds and propagate your own!

  2. It all looks splendid. I'm just doing a catch-up on your blog as we've been both busy and away. I miss the few blogs I look at while not here.

  3. Sue, I do hope so :}

    Susan, I must catch up with yours too :}


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