Friday, 22 March 2013

First HRT of the year

I didn't mean to - honest,  I didn't even set out with the intention of going plant hunting.  Weekly trip to supermarket and other errands went much more speedily than I expected and Management was at home to open doors and generally act as Dog Servant should Daisy want anything :}   It was cold and windy, and sort of trying to snow in a half-hearted way so I figured a ten minute detour to a favourite nursery in nearby Distington wouldn't do any harm.

I only went to look ...

I came home with six lovely pots of Snakes Head Fritillary in the car and 20 laurel allocated for delivery over the weekend.  The laurel makes a start on the large amount of evergreen hedging we want for the side bed and behind the vegetable patch and when the ground has warmed up a little I will put the Fritillary bulbs in the mini-meadow.  They'll look nice near the orchids :}

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